MR hearts JMK


Hugo Chavez calls Jesus the “greatest socialist in history.” Ok. We can solve this in one paragraph.

Jesus taught a moral philosophy; Socialism is an economic order. One’s philosophy exists independently of the economy. Jesus advocated non violence and the voluntary acceptance of God. Socialism can only exist when it is forced upon the masses, this violates non violence and voluntary acceptance. If Jesus was a socialist, Rothbard was a Keynesian.


4 Responses to “MR hearts JMK”

  1. zackhensley Says:

    well said… but beyond that Hugo’s words are just the nonsensical ravings of a loud mouthed malcontent

  2. Stewart Says:

    True. What applies to Chavez applies to those who would use Jesus as a truncheon to bludgeon their opponents.

  3. Eli Says:

    What’s a truncheon?

  4. J-Money Says:

    Like a big stick

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