The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult


For those wondering about the “Mozart was a red” post, here is the source.

Murray Rothbard attacks the “Cult of Rand” and likens them to the Communists that she so bitterly hated.  Rothbard is an anarchist and his capitalist beliefs are unimpeachable.  Whenever you hear the name of Rand, pause, and remember Rothbard.


2 Responses to “The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult”

  1. Stefanie Gamble Says:

    that bonuses are being handed out at companies the American taxpayer is bailing out. Yes, to be sure, the bonuses were specifically provided for in the legislation, but, like all busy senators and congressmen, you don’t have time to read every footling trillion-dollar bill before you vote in favor of it. And yes, true, the specific passage addressing these particular bonuses was, in fact, added to the bill in your name, but that was nothing to do with you — you just did that because the White House asked you to, and just because their people called your people and some intern in your office drafted some boilerplate with your name on it is no reason for you to be denied 10 minutes of grandstanding on MSNBC. It’s an outrage to suggest you’re anything other than outrageously outraged!

  2. Solomon X. Hale Says:

    There is some dispute about how accurate Rothbard’s portrayal of the Rand movement was. In Raimondo’s biography of Rothbard there are quotes from Rothbard’s letters that tend to support some of his claims (such as that the Randians demanded that he divorce his wife because she was a Christian). He was there and that counts for a lot (unlike those who dismiss his or Barbara Branden’s portrayal of Rand). On the other hand, I’m not sure that there was a list of forbidden books for example.

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