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Emboldening Our Fellow Countrymen

January 24, 2007

We must find the resolve to unite and prove that we are the great nation we are and are made of Americans that love being Americans.  It wasn’t long ago that saying you are an American made you proud.  That pride should never have left you.  This is the greatest country on earth with the greatest opportunities for all those who live within its borders and all those that we reach with our foreign policy.  The freedom of choice is an unalienable right given to you by God or whatever it is in which you believe.  All Natural Law is comprised of unalienable rights given to you by that same belief.  It is only in this country, under these laws and by this constitution that these laws are protected and allowed to be defended.  There is no other country on earth that offers that opportunity.  Understand this truth!  Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America and you will understand what we all have that no other citizen of any other country has.  We must fight for our right to exist and preserve the very freedom that we enjoy.  We must fight for the citizens of the world to recognize that they have the same rights we have and should fight for reciprocal recognition of those rights.  Every human being should have the opportunity to live as we live.  Only the wise man can impart wisdom.  Only those living in accordance with the way of nature can share that knowledge with those who do not.  We, as a nation of people that understand the right way to live, must not become politically correct and, therefore, isolationist.  We must continue to do all we can to show the world the correct way to live.  The correct way is the way that recognizes everyone’s right to exist and defend the natural laws by which their unalienable rights are protected.  These rights are not given to us by man, they are given to us by God or nature or whatever it is that is greater than man.